Professional Golf Instructor, Brad Blocker

Brad Blocker - Professional Golf Instructor, PGA Associate

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Originally from Southern Oregon, Brad Blocker is a lifelong golfer and athlete. He found his love for golf at the age of 14 when his grandpa first put a golf club in his hands and took him to the driving range. Brad’s early days were spent mostly on a baseball field where he had the opportunity to compete at college and semi-professional levels.

His interest in athletics led him to pursue a BS in Exercise Science at Oregon State University. After completing his BS, Brad pursued his Paramedic License and dedicated his life to Firefighting. His nearly decade-long career as a Firefighter was cut short after an injury. His love for golf was what kept him motivated to rehab his injury in the aftermath of multiple surgical repairs.

When deciding on a new career, his passion for teaching and the game of golf made it an obvious choice to pursue a career in golf. Brad’s teaching philosophy encompasses both the physical and mental side of the game.

He believes that every golf swing is like a fingerprint and no two are exactly the same. Because of this, he teaches to each person's learning style, goals, strengths, and physical ability in order to create the results each student desires. Brad holds a MA in Teaching from Concordia University, and he teaches Health and Physical Education in Portland Public Schools when he can’t be golfing.

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